All proceeds go to the Iowa City Bike Library

Bike Library Farm Cycle
Bike Library Farm Cycle


    What you get:

    • Delicious local food from 5-6 Featured Chefs depending on your route selection!
    • Choose from three route options!
    • Guided tours by your local farmers! 
    • Free wine tasting if you choose routes 2 or 3!
    • Everyone gets a ticket to the Post Ride Fiesta that includes: beverage, local food tasting, screen-printing-so bring your t-shirt!
    • Camaraderie, a sense of accomplishment, and warm fuzzies for benefitting the Bike Library.

    CHECK-IN 8:30-9:30am at the Iowa City Bike Library

    Start with breakfast and coffee at the Iowa City Bike Library. All three routes ride together for the first 9 miles. Each stop is pair with a local chef serving-up seasonal foods. Everyone is invited to the Post Ride Fiesta at Big Grove Brewery in IC from 4-7pm. 

    Signed routes: 

    • 14-mi Cherry Tomato Route: Includes breakfast, JCHPF tours & 3 chef tastings & ticket to post ride fiesta.
    • 22-mi Kale Yea! Route: Just three miles past the first stop! Includes all of the above, plus Walker Homestead & Muddy Miss Farms tours, plus chef tasting by Provender's Chef Chris Grebner
    • 40mi Beet-it-Up Route: Includes all of the above, plus a small something special for y'all who just want to get in an extra 20 miles of gravel grinding. 

    10-12:30: Johnson County Historic Poor Farm

    Plan to spend aprox 1.5-2hrs at this Farm Stop.

    2 Featured Farms: 

    Global Food Project  

    GROW: Johnson County

    3 Featured Chefs: 

    Chefs Morgan & Dan of Devotay

    Chef Sean Towley of Big Grove Brewery

    One more chef TBA!

    11:30-2:30: Walker Homestead

    Plan to spend aprox 2hrs at this Farm Stop unless you opt to do the 40mi route, then it might be less. 

    Featuring: Muddy Miss Farms

    Featured Chef: Chris Grebner of Provender

    3-6pm: Post-Ride-Fiesta at Big Grove Brewery

    Cheers! Everyone that comes on the ride get a ticket to the End Stop at Big Grove Brewery. This includes one beverage, a food tasting, and on-site screen printing. 

    If you ride the 14 mile route, the first and only Farm Stop ends at 12:30 and the Post Ride Fiesta does not official start until 3pm. You will have time to ride back to town, go home for a bit or whatever, and then join the rest of the riders back at the taproom for festivities.