All proceeds go to the Iowa City Bike Library



What you get:

  • Delicious local food from 5-6 Featured Chefs depending on your route selection
  • Choose from three route options
  • Guided tours by your local farmers
  • Free wine tasting at Walker Homestead
  • Everyone gets breakfast at Big Grove and a celebratory pint at the end
  • Bring your shirt to the start of the ride and we'll screenprint on it
  • Camaraderie, a sense of accomplishment, and warm fuzzies for benefitting the Bike Library.

CHECK-IN 9:30 - 10:30 at Big Grove Iowa City

Start with breakfast and coffee at Big Grove.  All three routes ride together at first and then split off as others return. Each stop is pair with a local chef serving-up seasonal foods. Everyone is invited to the Big Grove Brewery after your ride is complete. 

Signed routes: 

  • 14-mi Cherry Tomato Route: Includes breakfast, JCHPF tours & 3 chef tastings & ticket to post ride fiesta.
  • 22-mi Kale Yea! Route: Just three miles past the first stop! Includes all of the above, plus Walker Homestead & Muddy Miss Farms tours, plus chef tasting by Provender's Chef Chris Grebner
  • 40mi Beet-it-Up Route: Includes all of the above, plus a small something special for y'all who just want to get in an extra 20 miles of gravel grinding. 

Johnson County Historic Poor Farm

Plan to spend aprox 1.5-2hrs at this Farm Stop.

2 Featured Farms: 

Global Food Project  

GROW: Johnson County

3 Featured Chefs: 

Chefs Morgan & Dan of Devotay

Chef Sean Towley of Big Grove Brewery

One more chef TBA!

Muddy Miss Farm & Walker Homestead

Plan to spend aprox 2hrs at this Farm Stop unless you opt to do the 40mi route, then it might be less. 

Featuring: Muddy Miss Farms

Featured Chef: Chris Grebner of Provender

Post-Ride-Fiesta at Big Grove Brewery

Cheers! Everyone that comes on the ride gets breakfast at the beginning and a BGB beverage at the end.